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House managers – administrators of personal data


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House managers have to be registered as administrators of personal data.

All managers of housing cooperations have to be registered in the Commission for Personal Data protection. The house managers will get fined from 1000 to 10 000 leva, unless they have a registration.

This obligation for the house managers has been caused by the fact that the Floor Property Management Act requires them to regularly write home books, where they register the names and other personal data of the floor owners and/or the tenants in the building.

On the other hand, the Personal Data Protection Act and the Rules of procedure of the Commission for Personal Data protection point out an obligatory list of documents, for which a register in the Commission for Personal Data Protection is created and the home books are part of this list. As the manager of the Commission for Personal Data protection said “There is a possibility to change the Rules of Procedure of the Commission for Personal Data Protection, so that the data compilation in the home books will be removed from the obligatory list for creating a register in the commission. Till then, however, the housing managers are obliged to register themselves.”

The registration is created in the commission’s building– in Sofia or through the Internet by a registration application.

The Floor Property Management Act obliges every housing cooperation or house with at least 2 owners to conduct a public meeting or to register an association, to choose a manager and to start writing a home book. In the book the names of the property owner and the members of his housing or these of the tenants will be written. It is obligatory to point out the object that is owned or inhabited and the starting date of habitation.

The access to the home book is limited. It could be read only by the residents in the block or certain state institutions like the Police.

According to Shopova’s words the manager of the block chosen will actually represent the residents there and that’s why he will be the administrator of personal data. “He provides his data in our commission as a physical person - as a manager. In this case he has access to the data of the owners, respectively to that of the tenants or all the other data required. As an administrator he has to write down the rules of our law, as well as the common rules – who has access to the home book, what legal grounds allow them to have access, so that the order related to the data provision will be regulated.