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Selling or buying a second home is not an easy task. We all know that. But when done with the help of a professional, the process can become much easier. 

So here at our site you can:

  • Browse through the very extensive real estate register collected and maintained from our real estate agents. 
  • You can also ask our legal advisors everything about ownership and real estates in Bulgaria.

  • If you are selling, leasing or looking for a specific kind of a property you can publish your add on our site for free!

  • If you don't find what you are looking for you can subscribe for our personalized e-mail notification letter and receive all the new property offers we collect, right in your e-mail box. 

Offers Property sale

house , 180000 €
Реф.No 310512
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Country- house in boykovo in the foot of the mountain
country house, 42000 €
Реф.No 320048
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Обява от сайта 31.07.2010
house , 250000 €
Реф.No 190291
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House, Plovdiv city, 'Komatevo' neighborhood
city house, 36600 €
Реф.No 232143
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Trimmer house near Plovdiv
house , 15300 €
Реф.No 310037
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house , 45500 €
Реф.No 310311
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New offers Property sale

house , 15250 €
Ref.No 310374
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Two- storey house by the sea, Rosen
house , 94600 €
Ref.No 310076
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Residential complex, 120 m from the beach- Burgas region, Sozopol
Holiday apartments, 26310 €
Ref.No 110694
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Обява от сайта 13.08.2011
house , 46000 €
Ref.No 310363
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