When you are buying for investment, one should decide on what type of property is looking for:

Business property: office, shop, industrial site or land plot;
    - Holiday property: for investment or “second home”;
    - Rural property: house, villa or terrain

Than comes the decision  Where to buy:

    - In which town/city;
    - In what part if the town/city – centre or periphery;

If you are buying for your private needs: changing the city of residence, or buying a bigger home again you should decide what are you exactly looking for and where. As they say: location, location, location.

After you’ve found the answers to these questions, research the current state of the real-estate market, find out the prices of the properties matching your standards, analyze the future tendencies of market development and decide on what compromise are you willing to make. Market research is a process that takes at least 14 days and can be performed in two different ways:

- either by yourself, given you have the time and knowledge;

- or by the estate agents of TONYKO- Real Estates, who can perform swift and professional marketing research.

If you are interested in specific type of properties or have questions you can ask them here.

2.  Financing your purchase?

• With your own finances
• With bank loans

3.  After you have decided on what type of property, where and with what purpose you are looking for, investigate every current offer on the real estate market, matching your criteria. This means you ought to gather specific info and see every property offered in the press, specialized magazines, the internet etc.

The clients of TONYKO have free information about the current offers on the market. From the bulk of offers the estate agents of TONYKO will select and offer the client the current ones meeting their standards and best fitting the market’s situation. Our web site provides you with the option to subscribe and receive via e-mail every new offer from the TONYKO database for free.
In case you are looking for a property and want to gather information on the optimal current price, contact the estate agent, working in this specific field of market. You can select your estate agent from the list of estate agents
Your estate agent will make a selection of offers and present you to the ones best fitting your request.

4. Negotiate the price. After you have found suitable property and decide to purchase it, there comes the moment for negotiating its price. The direct seller-buyer negotiations rarely result in a mutually satisfying outcome and often the deal fells through.

As a third party the estate agents of TONYKO can mediate in reaching the best solution, profitable for both parties. Trust our professionalism, experience and ability to carry on the negotiations on your behalf.

5. Before you pay a deposit and sign a preliminary contract investigate whether the property has any encumbrances and also the title of ownership (whether the seller/s are the real owners). Research if the property is encumbered with: mortgages, injunctions, entered claims or bills of complaints, whether limited ownership rights are established, whether there are entered lease contracts, whether the right of possession is transferred to third parties, whether there is any other litigation against the owner or other administrative burdens, hindering the use of the property, etc. You can verify this information in the respective Registry agency or Municipal or State institutions, etc.

The clients of TONYKO get free information on whether or not is the property, subject of the deal is encumbered before signing the preliminary contract. The estate agents and the legal advisors of TONYKO perform for their clients the necessary verifications from the offices of the firm, through internet-based connection to the Registry Agency!

6. Sign a preliminary contract, only after all verifications are done.

TONYKO provides you with your own individual contract, rendering the specifics of every deal.

7. Before the deal is certified by notary, make sure that the owners have liquidated all their financial obligations, related to the property- taxes, water, heating, electricity bills, etc. Make sure all the documents are properly prepared and correspond to all legal requirements, so that your rights won’t be violated and you won’t suffer any sanctions.

8. We recommend– Don’t forget your obligations after the notary deed is issued. You have to declare the newly acquired property before the respective Tax administration, Municipal cadastre agency, to change the name to which the electricity, water and central heating bills are to come.
In the other case your estate agent  can complete this tasks on your behalf  if dully authorized.


1. Make your property looks appealing

    - Clean well, before you let any potential Buyers see the property;
    - Maintain order and neatness during the whole period in which your property is on the market;
    - Isolate the shortcomings (if any) of your property such as- leaks, broken tiles, damaged cupboards and kitchen cabinets etc.;
    - Make your residence seem homely and cozy and if you are selling commercial property, create good business climate.

2. Set the market value of the property

   - The REAL market value is not the one announced in the media, but the one on which properties similar to yours in terms of qualities and location were sold.
    - Your estate agent  can help you determine the real market value of your property. Your estate agent is working daily on the market and follows its tendencies.

3. Determine the margins of the deal:

    - Price – the most correct price is the one determined by a licensed evaluator, (the taxes are more than a 100lv for an apartment) or by the estate agent who deals with such properties on daily basis. Contact your TONYKO estate agent and he/she will consult you on the price of your property for free.
    - Terms of the deal: the amount of the deposit, terms of notary certification of the deal, ways of payment- cash or with bank loan, terms of transferring the possession, option for delayed transferring of possession, etc.

4. List your property for sale:

    - You can do this by yourself, given you have clear strategy for the sale, meaning you know where and how to advertise your property, who are your potential buyers and how to aim your advertising strategy towards them. Besides all this, you can publish your announcement on the site of TONYKO as well.
    - Your estate agent from TONYKO will prepare for you individual strategy for sale, accounting the best ways to advertise- the firm’s own web-site, other web property-portals, the press, etc. Our goal is to sell Your property on the best possible price and on the best terms. If you want to use Tonyko’s services as a mediator, contact your estate agent, working on the specific field of market, you are interested in.

5. Be careful when announcing the price of your property!

    - It shouldn’t be too low, because your interests will be harmed;
    - It shouldn’t be too high as well, because it will drive back potential buyers, your property would linger on the market for too long, and this might raise doubts in realtors and buyers, that it is encumbered with shortcomings.        
   - Consult estate agent from TONYKO and he/she will help you determine and receive the maximum price, according to the demands of the current property market.

6  Be careful how you show your property to potential buyers

    - If you are offering the property on your own :

- Don’t let just anyone see the property!
- Demand that potential buyers show you their ID!
- Put away anything valuable before showing the property!

    - For your safety and security contact your estate agent, who would let only people who produced proper ID when signing contract with TONYKO, see your property.

* TONYKO is a licensed administrator of personal data, registered under the Personal data protection act and that renders the firm the right to process personal data for the purposes in mediation in real estate deals, and obligates it to protect this data from unauthorized access and use.

7. What to do when you get an offer on your property, but its lower than what you expected?

You must negotiate the price with the potential buyer. Let your estate agent lead the negotiations. He/she will consult you every step of the way. This is a process that takes a couple of days and you will get constant update on its progress. The professionalism of your estate agent is a guarantee for successful finalization of the deal, bearing in mind the best interest of both parties- Buyer and Seller.

8. Ways to finalize the deal

After you’ve reached consensus on the price and other important aspects of the deal, there comes the time for preliminary contract. TONYKO legal advisors will prepare for you individual contract, according to the specifics of your deal. For you as a seller there is a lot of paperwork that you need to prepare in order to notary seal the deal. Ask your broker for a list of the necessary documents. Your estate agent might prepare those for you if dully authorized; your estate agent will also accompany you to the notary’s office and if needed to the bank.
After the deal is successfully sealed you have received your money, you have to think about how to invest them. Why not in another real estate property with the help of your estate agent?