Legal advice

On the basis of the 15-year long experience and the thousands certified deals, the legal advisers of TONYKO can assist you with your specific case. The legal advisers of TONYKO will consult you on matters concerning real estate deals and this service is FREE for our clients.

In Bulgaria the matters of real estate deals are regulated by the property, contractual, commercial, family and inheritance law. Property rights, limited real rights (right of use, building lease, right of outbuilding and additional building, right of way, etc.), contracts, representation of legal entities, capacity, ability and mental competence of physical entities, family assets and property regime, testamentary and hereditary succession are some of the most important legal establishments, concerning real estate deals. The enactments, regulating those legal establishments and matters are Ownership Act, Contracts and Liabilities Act, Commerce Act, Family Code, Succession Act, etc.
Regardless of the changes made in Bulgarian legislation in order to synchronize it with EU legislation, the practice on number of matters remains unaltered. Detailed knowledge of the court practices in the field of real estate deals is a condition sine qua non ( condition you can’t do without) for successful finalization of each and every deal.

The Legal Advisers of TONYKO consult the clients of the company on VAT, the so-called “flat” tax, and every other taxes and fees, due by both parties upon finalization of the deal.

If you have questions, or need consultation, on some of the above-mentioned matters, check our FAQ section. If you can’t find the answers you need contact our Legal department. If your case is complicated, our Legal adviser will invite you to discuss your case in person.