Terms of use


Please, read the terms of use, before using the services provided by the sites of TONYKO. If you don’t agree with them, please don’t use any of the sites of TONYKO! Using either of the sites of TONYKO will be considered acceptance of its terms of use, which you as a user are bound to follow.

I. Definition:

„TONYKO”Ltd is owner of the following sites http://tonyko.bg, http://tonykobg.com , specialized in intermediation in property deals.
„USER” is considered anyone who loads a site of TONYKO on a computer.

II. Terms of use

1. The sites of Tonyko offer you information on our services and access to our agent web. Using a site owned, managed and provided by Tonyko EOOD you obliged to abide by the following rules.

2. The site of Tonyko is a system for managing administrative database that includes:

- records for searching and offering real estate properties, referred to as offers for sale, for rent etc. for properties on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;

- articles and news with materials of our own or citing other sources, concerning real estate business, market, the realization of real estate deals;

- analysis on the real estate market;

- information on the order and method of completing real estate deals;

- mortgage crediting;

- statistical and geographical information citing other sources;

- legal counseling and advising ;

- images, graphics and another materials, concerning the business of Tonyko.

3. The offers are entered into the database by the Estate agent and administrators of Tonyko.

4. Every user has the right to submit real estate offer both by the conventional way and by filling a request form. Thus submitted the offer is further processed and published by the estate agents of Tonyko by the terms of art..5.

5. Every user who submits offer as established in art.4 agrees the its content and included photos will be published on this site and presented to third parties with the purposed of realizing of the desired by the client deal.

6. Every Internet user who has submitted a real estate offer or a search request on Mirela web sites, is considered to be aware that he/she may be offered a contract, according to which Tonyko being a professional intermediary in real estate deals, has the right of commission upon realization of the deal . The amount of the commission as well as other conditions is to be settled in the contract. In case the user rejects signing such a contract, Tonyko has the right to remove the offer or the search request from its web sites and database. In this case the users can not lay a claim on Tonyko for damages or missed benefits, as well as any other financial claims.

7. The submitted offers are revised and investigated by the estate agents in order to ensure their correctness, credibility and clarity, then they are published by the administrators of Tonyko. The verification may include visit of the property, after receiving the consent of the user.

8. The user who submits the information bare responsibility for its content and verity even after its check as by art.7
9. Each user can subscribe to receive e-mails with the newest offers on Tonyko database for free. The subscription can be terminated at any point, without further notice to Tonyko.

III. Personal data protection

1. „TONYKO is a licensed administrator of personal data, registered under the Personal data protection act and that renders the firm the right to process personal data for the purposes in mediation in real estate deals, and obligates it to protect this data from unauthorized access and use. In case of violation Tonyko EOOD bears legal responsibility and is subject to sanctions.

2. To use the sites of Tonyko you don’t need to provide any personal data.

3. In the request forms of the Publish an announcement, Property request and Subscription services the user is not asked to provide any kind of personal data.

Tonyko reserves the right to change the terms of use. Last updated 25.05.2008 .