Assistance and mediation with the process of real estate purchase - sale deals.

1. Our agents keep track of the actual prices in Plovdiv, Varna, Sofia, Sunny Beach, Veliko Tyrnovo etc and the current market conditions in Bulgaria.
2. The properties we offer are not encumbered and with verified title of ownership.
3. We make sure that during the decision process our customers view the property as many times as they want. We make sure to point out the property’s pros and cons.
4. We assist throughout the negotiation process between the parties.
5. We prepare and organize the signing of preliminary contracts.
6. We assist with the preparation of all documents needed for the transfer of the ownership title.
7. We organize certification of the deal by a licensed notary.
8. We inform our clients about their obligations after the acquisition of the property.

You can browse through the properties in the TONYKO database here.  You can check  here all “I’m looking to buy” offers sent from potential Buyers. If you can’t find an offer, matching your criteria, you can subscribe to receive our e-mail with every new offer matching your criteria.

Assistance and mediation with the process of leasing-renting deals

1. We mediate between tenants and lessors.
2. We determine the current worth of the lease, given the market criteria and indexes.
3. We prepares individual lease contract, rendering that according to Bulgarian law both parties are equal and protects the interests of both tenant and lessor.

If you are leasing a property you can publish your announcement  here . If you are looking for a property to rent, you can browse our database to find suitable one, or fill our request form. Our site provides you with subscription option, that gives you the opportunity to get an e-mail with every new offer, matching your criteria!

Legal advice and assistance in the matters of titles of ownership and realizing deals

TThe legal advisors of Tonyko:

1. Investigate the ownership of every property.
2. Prepare legal analysis for the needs of mortgage crediting.
3. Prepare individual preliminary contracts for every deal.
4. Prepare notary deeds and documents certifying real estate transaction.
5. Can help you register Bulgarian company.
6. Perform authorized representation of the client before Bulgarian state and municipal institutions in relation to property acquisitions.
7. Consult the clients of the company for free.

If you have questions, concerning the title of ownership or limited real rights, you can ask them here and our legal advisors would be happy to answer them for you either via e-mail or in person.